Cooking With a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Slab

Maybe you’ve heard the benefits of adding Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and picked up one of our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Slabs, or maybe you’re addicted to kitchen gadgets and have one laying around.  Cooking or serving with one of these is not only a tasty novelty, but is also beneficial.  The minerals contained in Pink Himalayan Sea Salt will impart themselves to your meats and vegetables. The slab also does a great job of seasoning, so there’s minimal prep time needed.

In order to get the most use from cooking with your Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Slab, there are some rules you should follow:

 - A salt slab needs to be heated S-L-O-W-L-Y.  It’s best to heat it in 10-15 minute intervals, so start with a room temperature block and place on the grill or stove and start with a low flame.  After 10-15 minutes, increase the temperature to a medium flame, then after another 10-15 minutes, raise the flame to high temperature.  Let the block sit for 10-15 minutes before placing any food on it.  The entire heating process should take 45 minutes to an hour, but we promise the result will be well worth the wait.

 - While waiting for the salt slab to heat, thinly slice beef or chicken (similar to fajitas) or vegetables.  Seafood like shrimp, scallops, and salmon should be fine as is.  The longer the food is allowed to sear, the saltier it will become.

 - If the slab is heated properly, it will reach temperatures between 550-600 degrees, so be extremely careful, and keep little fingers and paws away from your heating element.  The salt slab should get this hot because it will sear the food, quickly sealing in any juices and flavor.

 - Once your salt slab is ready, drizzle your desired oil over the slab.  We recommend one of our robust EVOO’s, like Picual or Picholine.

 - Place the meat or vegetable on the salt slab.  Watch the food carefully because it will cook fast and will be ready to flip after a minute or two.  Salt is an excellent conductor of heat, which is why the slab is able to get so hot and maintain its temperature.

 - Once the food is finished cooking, turn off the flame and leave the salt block to cool.  We recommend letting it cool overnight.  Do not try to assist the salt block in cooling down by spraying it with water; this will cause it to crack or break.

 - Once the salt block is completely cooled, wipe down with olive oil or use a wetted stiff bristle brush to remove any food that has burnt or become stuck.  Do not place the slab under running water as this will cause the salt to dissolve.  Let the salt block dry completely before reusing.

 - You should be able to get 35-40 uses from your Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Slab.  Over time, the slab will shrink or crack into pieces.   Once it’s no longer usable for cooking, break up the slab into smaller pieces and use it for seasoning food.

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