Meet our Family: Cameron

Manassas Olive Oil Company is a family run business, and we’d like to introduce ourselves!


Meet Our Family: Cameron
Current Duties – Running store, marketing, graphic design, events
Past Occupation: Engineer at GE
Age: 25
Favorite Olive Oil and Balsamic: Picholine and Raspberry
When he’s not working you can find him: At the gym, outside, being a health nut, or visiting friends
What he loves most about Manassas Olive Oil Company: Educating people on how to use EVOO and balsamic to improve health without giving up flavor
Fun Facts:

  • Completed a Tough Mudder (and will never do that again)
  • Knows his way around baked goods – he makes a mean Red Velvet Cake
  • Earned his BS in mechanical engineering at Stony Brook University in NY.
  • Plays the alto saxophone
  • Ran an event 2 years ago to raise $150,000 for the Boys and Girls club and Make-A-Wish Foundation

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