Manassas Olive Oil Company Holiday Gift Guide

You can find a huge selection of delicious products that your friends and family will love right here at Manassas Olive Oil Company, all while supporting a small family owned business! Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Premium olive oil and aged Balsamic: Sometimes it’s hard to find a unique gift that everyone will enjoy. Look no further – with over 50 flavors of oil and balsamic, you are sure to find olive oils and balsamics anyone will enjoy! Bottles range from $12.95-$21.95.

Too many to choose from? Try our most popular flavors: Tuscan herb olive oil, Traditional balsamic, Garlic olive oil, Raspberry balsamic, Lemon olive oil, and Sicilian lemon white balsamic.

Gift Bags: Go the extra mile with your gift with our holiday gift bags. Bags are $4 for single bottle bags, or $5.25 for double bottle bags.

Variety Packs: A great way to introduce someone to fine olive oil and balsamic. Each pack comes with three 60ml bottles of olive oil and three bottles of balsamic vinegar. Variety packs ship great, and the packaging presents itself beautifully! Valued at $45, get yours for just $36.95.

Jute Bags: Fill these re-usable tote bags with any 60ml size bottles you like! Bags are $3, $4, and $5 for 2 bottles, 4 bottle, and 6 bottle size bags respectively. Each 60ml bottle is $7.

Gift Baskets: Dazzle your friends or family with these beautiful gift baskets! Baskets come in two sizes, and, we have pre-made baskets packaged with our most popular oils and balsamics, a handmade dipping dish, and pour spouts. Pre-made baskets are $56, and premium gift baskets are $96. Want to customize contents of your basket or adjust the price? We can do that as well - just let us know what you want in your basket!

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